Francesco Foglietti (Roma, 1979)

Architecture degree gained at “La Sapienza” University (Rome, 2009) with a final dissertation on the role of architecture and applied planning for mobility within an urban context.
Long term interests in visual arts and the role of designing and architectural research; highly dedicated to his career through his daily job and by participating in international competitions.
In 2013 he founds the architectural firm FM|A.

Veronica Marino (Reggio Calabria, 1980)

Architecture degree gained at “Roma Tre” University (Rome, 2006) with a final dissertation on the comparative analysis of the facilities offered by council buildings. Since then she has been collaborating with several design centres and taken successfully part to national and international competitions.
Currently working as assistant lecturer for “La Sapienza” University
and undertaking a PhD on “space and society”.
In 2013 she founds the architectural firm FM|A.