Al Okar Tower

The project proposal is about a 2000 square meters area, spreading over two levels, plus the redesign of the roof garden, on top of a thirty-story tower for apartments and offices in Doha.
For the inside, the project responds to the customer need of having a private house with specific spaces for meetings and events: these different areas are well distributed so you have specific spaces for the family privacy and others, open and much more work oriented. The project proposal interprets the unique condition of a suspended space, between the clouds, on the Doha Corniche. This is a space open on all four sides, in which different energies move and intersect each other, a place with a vertical element in the middle that becomes its continuous structural support. This concept is derived from the tower shaped building itself: hence the project proposal is about enhancing and amplifying the structure profile. Both private and public spaces are around this element, by which upper floors and the roof garden are accessible.
Although there’s a great availability of space, the idea is not to fill the area with different, non-contiguous signs: that would make difficult to identify the distinctive character of the place.
For the interiors, the choice of using dry and pure forms, vaguely derived from nautical concept design, is meant to preserve and underline the value of Emptiness.

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