The small area is part of a wider project plan for the ground floor of an office tower in Doha, Qatar. Main requirement is to have a small space characterized by high quality and uniqueness in its designed elements, although it’s located in a similar area (entertainment, wellness and gyms). Although it’s not so large, the small beauty centre is designed to fully support customer welcome and acceptance and it includes an area for selling products, an area for conventional treatments and one dedicated for massages. Moreover a small private area is designed to support all the technical activities and the storage capabilities.
Going beyond the boundaries of a defined and limited space, is the “task” assigned to the design itself and to the colour. Conceptually speaking, the internal area has been considered not only as a volume, but also as a set of coordinate surfaces (horizontal and vertical) adding value to the customer experience. These surfaces, decomposed and recomposed according to the design of a “coloured weaving”, let the visitors search for another place, beyond space physicality and closure. A satin glass panel, backlit by dynamic coloured light beams, stimulates even more the network of logical connections a man uses when the surfaces of this space are perceived.
The emerging element is the texture of each unit, each element composing the surface design: an even more fundamental feature if you replace the visible perception with the tactile experience.
As a material, the wood, with its organic grain, can ease the perception of the severe and logic design patterns or the unnatural sequences of hatch colours: as a result, the feeling for the user of this space to be in this place, but with a slight memory or dream to be elsewhere, instead.

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