Building new spaces

The project operates on brownfield areas close to the Pigneto neighbourhood.
These areas, once used for storage purposes or for craft production activities, are now the subject of a renewed interest and of a strong changing process.
Building a new space, a place where both long and medium term changes in the neighbourhood take place. But at the same time, preserving its strong character, inspired by the Garden City movement and built in Art Nouveau style between 1921 and 1924 by the railway cooperatives. Moving in this dense coloured, quiet and cozy place (Tolomeo square and Copernico square), approaching the tower that marks its center, it’s like walking into a small Sironi canvas, like being absorbed by a typical De Chirico.
The project does not want to move this centre and so all the elements are radially arranged to continue the operation, held when the “villini area” was built in the neighbourhood.
Distinct elements making up a set, a full-of-rhythm, transparent place consistent with public spaces. The project does not change the topography of the area: it takes advantage of the natural slopes to contain spaces and functions in a basement level. This level is covered by a square which presents several distinct volumes and whose shape “invites”, once again, towards the tower.

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