Domus 1

Living a scheme

From the beginning the interior’s project has privileged a calm and comforting atmosphere by pursuing the idea of a space/room free from clamour. The team’s research has concentrated itself on the interaction between this formal comfort and a set up of a domestic habitat. Although the house keeps in its core the intimacy of a shelter, the house offers a single space open to the opportunities created by this interaction. By moving four crystal panels, the environment transforms itself gently, by giving to this central portion of space a quiet and magic energy. It is a white energy that invests every area with bright effects. Moreover, the central block, the only element covered with a material (the only element of matter), seems like it irradiates or is irradiated from this light with a continuous game of changing reflects. It is interesting how this central space, just with its dynamic structure, embodies according to us, the attempt to conjugate (match) the imprinting of a traditional Italian house with its rigid divisions, and a more informal less limited open space. The graduated shading in grey colours, the covering’s (shape’s) display, the elements of furnishing and of enlightened corpses underline the neutrality of the living space. Thus, it offers itself to a future personalization and reflects its dual condition: closed and protected rooms that characterise single, vital and unambiguous functions and belonging of the single spaces, to a bigger area and to a scheme that overcomes the particular entities. This superior scheme doesn’t remain a theoretical and detached recall to the symmetry intended in a classical and natural way, but it offers itself to the sight of whom goes through it and whom lives in it. The dynamic structure renders the personal participation active to this idea of Home that conjugates a practical dimension of the Living with its esthetical dimension.

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Domus 1

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