FMA studio


The apartment is part of a larger building unit, on the main floor of a nineteenth-century palace in the center of Rome, in the Monti neighbourhood: the apartment hosts a design studio and a residence, over an area of about 90 square meters. The project aims to restore the quality and vitality of a place whose interiors are intimate and classic.
The space is continuous, with only a small private, intimate area: a choice to leave more spaces for the professional activities. The solution lays in the coexistence of original elements of the building (the distribution layout, the large window at the entrance, the dark wooded cabinets and the fixtures) together with the new, the simple and the minimal. A large entrance hall, featuring an orangery, leads to the first room, a meeting room dominated by a crude iron library and a big spruce table. The hallway leads to the study room and the kitchen: also this one is conceived and built as a public and, thus, productive space.
All is revealed and explicit. In the hallway, two cabinets with slate finishes give space a playful function.

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