solntsevo station

Project for a new underground station in the region of Solntsevo, as part of a wider program of development of the Moscow Metro which will lead to the construction of 150 km of new lines and 70 new stations, between 2012 and 2020. The main objective for the team was the representation of the subway station as a new link to access the city centre and, more generally, the mobility system in Moscow. You start this trip staring plain volumes/areas, with a vague perception of what is inside and what is outside. In the halls at the entrance, two different volumes/areas reveal what’s left on the outside surface: one made up of a stretched, perforated, red metal sheet; the second one made of glass. From here on, new signs are added to the typical alphabet that always characterizes mobility-related spaces: concrete walls, red resin paths and backlit panels “draw” the environment together with the technological hardware, the equipments left exposed and the infographics.

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